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Jaylin Miller

CEO and Founder of BASKETBALL FLY Inc.

An Urban Clothing apparel and Lifestyle brand.


Jaylin Miller started his journey in his sophomore year of High School at Eagle Academy in Queens New York. There, Jaylin had the idea of creating a clothing brand called, “Basketball Fly”. Jaylin at the time was a varsity basketball player and always reminded his teammates of how you can play basketball and still look fly doing it.  Jaylin would start to design logos and artworks that he wanted to display on his garments and take them to his dad.

Soon, his dad would take the designs and have them put onto t-shirts so jaylin could see something tangible, and visualize his dreams. As Jaylin became older his family moved from Queens to Long Island. Jaylin started school at Elmont Memorial.

There while exceling in varsity basketball he really started to take Basketball Fly to another level. As the season and the school year would progress you could see Jaylin wearing his brand of clothing every day. Often, his teammates and classmates would approach him and inquire, “How can I get some?” So, Jaylin, with the help of his family began to make items to give away to his peers. Basketball Fly was becoming a big hit in the school. With him and his family noticing more people want to wear the brand, jaylin was encouraged to create a website and an instagram page to sell his merchandise. With the small success of the community wearing and supporting his brand, he began to think larger.

After Graduating High school and attending Farmingdale College to stay closer to home, the idea of expanding had started to materialize with his families help. In the midst of Jaylin’s sophomore year and his brand growing in sales on social media, the Coronavirus emerged and took the life of his father and his grandmother within ten days of each other. With the family devasted from their losses, Jaylin became more motivated to make everything that his dad envisioned for him with Basketball Fly to become truth. Today Basketball Fly brand is a thriving family business with Jaylin at the head. We look forward to seeing where this young entrepreneur will take his ambitions and dreams. The skies the limit young man and your angels are watching.

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