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Y   O   U   T   H       E   N   G   A   G   E   M   E   N   T       &       G   I   V   I  N  G       B   A   C   K   /   /   /     

CGE fulfills their dream of giving back to the community by holding exercise and wellness programs at many local venues. They host weekly sessions for many potential work and trade opportunities for youth. CGE also supports an Aftercare programs that introduces the youth to helpful integration programs for those struggling to re-enter society. CGE boasts a monthly reward system facilitated with their programs that allow their youth to attend sporting event trips to many places like the Barclays Center, Nassau Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, and Met Life Stadium.

CGE is proud to host representatives from each industry in order to further describe and promote the advantages of their service areas, such as music producers, music engineers, film producers, cosmetologists, chefs and other assorted culinary artists, nurses, financial analysts, real estate brokers, electricians, plumbers, and many other trade artists. CGE is proud to host a number of events on an annual basis, including but not limited to: Weekend Skills Workouts, Black History Month Basketball Classic, Rochdale Family Day, and many other summer camps and tournaments.
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